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What are the advantages of a marathon pace group?

November 26th, 2016 in News & Shoes

pace_bee_blogOur Varsity Sports / Honey Stinger Pace Team for the Louisiana Marathon is made up of some of the most experienced and passionate runners you will ever meet – many from right here in Louisiana and a few have joined the HIVE from some other exciting places around the country and look forward to meeting everyone in their pace group.

Pace groups have become more popular and in more demand in racing in recent years. So what’s the big deal? What’s in it for you? Why should you stick with a pace group?

Well, you’ve trained for weeks and months for this day and you probably have a goal time or two that you would like to meet, right? Right. It is really easy to get swept up in the excitement and adrenaline punch at the sound of the gun and these pacers are good at what they do – reigning you in when you need it and motivating you through your low points.

While it is always to have a good race plan or idea of your own, the pace group leaders also have a plan for getting runners to the finish line in a designated time. These pacers keep you on track through water and fueling stations and keep you on the best path around turns and hills. Keeping them in your sight and sticking with our pace leaders will set you up for success one mile at a time. Running with your correct pace group puts you in the company of some like-minded trainees and when you need to realize it most, you begin to feel like you aren’t alone!

Each pacer brings a different experience to the half and full marathon and each one has a story just like you. You can read a little bit about our group leaders right here! Ask them questions ahead of time at the expo or before before the start or even during the race where breath allows, of course! Our pacers have been in some similar running shoes as you and have lived to tell about it and will be happy to offer you tips and tricks that could help you perform at your best! Pay attention – you might even get an occasional geography and history lesson or good laugh along your journey. You can also meet some pretty cool fellow runners in your pace groups and who knows, maybe one day you’ll get to tell your own story and share what you have learned as future race pace group leader!

We wish you good luck and we will see you at the Louisiana Marathon, 2017!

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