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50 States of Varsity Sports in 2014

January 3rd, 2014 in Training


We know that our friends, running buddies and customers are quite the traveling bunch! Over the past 13 years, our iconic Varsity Sports tees have been seen in many places. In fact, they have gone global! (take a look at our photo gallery for proof!)

Just like any other year, we want you to keep packing those shirts in your suitcase, pose with them for pictures in all the places you go and send them to us. Maybe you have moved away and you’ve been showing off your many colors of VS tees in your new state. Or, maybe a friend sent you a VS tee and you weren’t sure what the hype was about. Now you do! We want to see our shirts in all 50 Unites States from your trips, relocations, gifts or travels coming up in 2014! Think we can do it? How long do you think it will take?

All of our shirts are printed here in Louisiana and leave from one of our three stores, so sometimes our shirts can travel quite a long way from home. We can’t wait to see what new monuments, mountains, slopes, streets, beaches, buildings or even famous food joints our tees will visit this year!

How do you send us your photo?

Well, you can pick from any of these options:

1. Varsity Sports App (available in iTunes store and GooglePlay)

2. Instagram @varsitysportsla @varsitysportsnola #VS50states

3. Facebook #VS50states

4. Twitter @varsitysportsla #VS50states

5. Email:

Make sure to include your name and where you are (in case it isn’t obvious!).

We wish all of our tees (and you) a safe and fun journey across the USA!

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