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#AskAmany on going in to week 3 – Fat Tuesday Weight Challenge

February 22nd, 2016 in Training



Let’s talk about some ways to get back on track for success:

Hey Challengers! Hope your first couple of weeks of the challenge have been fun and successful. Now that yall are well versed on goal setting, I thought we’d touch base on tips to be successful with healthy eating. A lot of people approach me and say “I think it’s my diet; I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I think it’s what’s slowing my progress and success.”

1: Track what you’re eating; write it down or use an app like MyFitnessPal. Research shows that you become more conscious about what you’re eating if you start to write it down. You may not notice things until you see it on paper. I suggest you track what time you’re eating, the amount (obviously), as well as how you generally feel when you’re eating (tired, upset, etc). If you can’t do it every day, I suggest you do 2 week days and 1 weekend day. Week days are representative of our typical eating habits and the weekend is where we’re a little more lax and eat foods atypical of our daily habits.

2: Read labels for serving sizes, as well as servings per container to be aware of the nutrition content of the product. I always tell my patients to pay special attention to the servings per container because small containers can be deceiving and look like they’re only supposed to have 1 or 2 servings. But SURPRISE! That small box can have 5 servings! So, READ READ READ!

3: Start measuring your foods to assure that you’re actually eating the portion size you’re aiming for. You’d be surprised how small something like ¼ of a cup is once you measure it. Don’t have a measuring cup? Use this hand guide to get a general idea for what a measurement should look like.

4: Don’t eat the same thing exact thing every day. A variety of foods helps keep you interested in a healthier lifestyle and from hitting that dreaded plateau. I’m all about eating things like veggies every day, but don’t eat the same blend on a daily basis. This is why I love the internet so much; so many fun recipes and easy recipes floating around to keep your diet fresh and fun!

5: Lastly, DON’T FREAK OUT if you “cheat or slip up.” Side bar: I don’t consider things like candy, cookies, pizza, etc cheating. I’m all about not labeling foods as healthy or unhealthy, and you’ll rarely hear me use the phrase “clean eating” but I’ll save this topic for another day. Anyways, my original point is to not freak out. Ate a cup of ice cream? Had a cookie and some candy? Write it down and move on.

I hope this helps yall on the road to success! Let’s keep the momentum going!


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