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Cheers to Keeping Your Resolutions!

January 6th, 2014 in Training


Whether you are resolving to start a new running or fitness plan or to change old habits, it is good to keep these things in mind to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed or lose focus. Some of these might be easier said than done, but they come from people who practice what they preach!

Goal setting:

– set realistic and specific goals and start slow

– set goals with a deadline (ie. Week 1: walk/run 20 minutes 4 days)

– don’t push too hard too quick (this will help avoid injury and burn out)

– reward yourself a little when you reach a weekly or monthly goal – maybe you get to buy a new accessory or get to enjoy a day off

– do this for YOU and you will enjoy your new routine or changes you are making

Buddy System:

Not only is this a safe way to walk or run, but the buddy system holds you both accountable to the goals at hand. VSBR’s Jane said that this was great when she first started running.

– Find someone who has similar goals and interests to yours

– Make weekly goals that you want to accomplish together (minutes/miles, etc.)

– Set a place to meet in the middle (away from your homes to avoid distraction)

– It is a lot easier to get out of bed knowing that your buddy is waiting on you and counting on you to work out with.

Group work:

As VSBR group runner Rhonda B. says, “just show up!” Joining one of our running groups has great rewards all around. There’s that accountability factor again! The groups are made up of people of all levels and experiences and they hold a lot of knowledge. Good for advice and a great support system. Put yourself out there and before you know it, you will be reaching your goals and you will have a new arsenal of friends. Varsity Sports calls the group a “Running and Social Club” for a reason!

Put $$ on it:

Thinking of running/walking a 5k? A 10k? Half marathon? REGISTER! Set your sights on a race that will give you the proper time to prepare and then sign up! Many times, once you pay for something, that seals the commitment.

You could also get your friends involved in your resolution. Have people put money or a wager (like a really nice steak dinner) on you – you are then accountable to them and if they are really your friends, they will make sure you reach that goal.

The Super Schedule!

– have one.

– set it on Sunday night for the week – include your meal plans and when/where you will workout

– check our running group calendar on the website for each of our running groups – even if you can’t make it to the group or live out of town, feel free to use it as a guide when you can

– be a little flexible and don’t be too hard on yourself if you have to rearrange some days

Dear Diary:

One thing that has benefitted VSBR’s Lauren is keeping a journal. She keeps a handwritten journal to make notes in. How far. How she felt. Weather conditions. Who she ran with. Time.

Others use online social “journals” like This is also a place where you and your friends can share experiences and hold each other accountable!

Make it a Habit:

VSM’s Ryan’s advice is: If it is a part of your daily life (like eating and breathing), then it is more likely to stick. Don’t say, “If I have time, I’ll go run/walk/swim”.  Rather make the time in your schedule to do those things. Don’t spend as much time scanning Facebook or skip the evening TV program if that is the time you can go run. Sit down at the beginning of your month and set realistic goals. Then, at the beginning of each week, see what curveballs life has thrown you for that week and figure out how you are going to hit those pitches (keep those resolutions/goals on target)… get up 30 minutes earlier because you have an early morning meeting, pack your exercise gear as you have to head out of town, etc.

Rinse and repeat:

Typically, resolutions are overwhelming. A thought would be to simply start a very doable exercise routine, walking/jogging, any combination for 15-30 minutes. Do it for 30 days. Create a habit.

VSM’s Bud said that he and his wife, Diane, started this back in September with the 100 lunge per day 30 day challenge. “I was sore as heck for the first 7 days. Now, I hate to miss my lunges!” They completed about 10,200 lunges in just that short amount of time!

The Right Stuff:

You’re excited. You’re pumped and motivated! Now, it’s time to make sure you have the right equipment. The right shoes are crucial, especially if running or walking is a new venture for you, to avoid injury and make sure you stay comfortable. The staff at Varsity Sports will make sure you are outfitted for success. Plus, there are tons of fun and stylish accessories for your new adventures! Watches, clothes, socks.

We wish you the best in health and fitness in 2014 and we hope to see you and your families out on the roads with us!


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