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10 Miles with Tempo Work or 2,4 or 6 Miles Steady

September 18th, 2022 in
September 24, 2022 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am
St. Aloysius parking lot

Things get a little more complicated this week choosing a distance and workout to run. I will try to guide you through if you can’t decide.

MARATHONERS: This will be the last week the marathoners have the same distance as the experienced Half Marathoners. Marathoners, I am going to plan it like previous years where some of your extra miles are early so you can join the larger group for the workouts.


4 MILES – using the 6 Mile map…steady run to the water stop at Baton Rouge Beach and back the way you came.

6 MILES(for those of you building your miles this Fall not ready for longer/harder Saturdays yet)  – run the first mile with the 10 Milers. At Stanford…go straight across and follow your route. I’ll put an orange cooler at the shady spot at BR Beach.

10 MILES with Tempo Work – Tempo pace for this workout should be goal half marathon pace plus 15 seconds. While it’s still hot, you may want to stick to this pace and not try to run faster.

Run the 10 Mile route with 3 Miles at Tempo Pace from Mile 5 to 8

Water at City Park Oak. Some of you may want to leave a little of your own water at our shady spot at BR Beach for after the pick up. I’ll put an orange cooler out.

It’s not a big LSU game so the tailgaters may not be out yet. But it’s always fun to wear your college colors.

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