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8, 10, or 15 Miles Goodwood Park loop with fast finishes AND BRANDED SALE EARLY OPENING

December 8th, 2019 in
December 14, 2019 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am
Varsity Sports
2055 Perkins Road

MARATHONERS NOTE: I made an adjustment to our fairly typical Fall Saturday long run progression to run our first 20 miler before BR Beach Half Marathon instead of in conjunction with it like we have done in the past. The thinking was to get a steady, slow endurance run in and come back with a quality 13.1 at BRB. Well it worked well in large part because we had some great runs on Saturday. But it also made me rethink the new sequence to allow a little shorter run this upcoming Saturday for a little bit of active recovery.

New sequence – this week 15 with strength; 12/21- Yasso workout; 12/28- 20-22 steady run; 1/4- Quality 10 Miles at Wilderness 10 and 1/11 – taper 8 Miles.


We will meet at the store but it’s best to park at City Park.

The long runners/marathoners get to see run some of the mentally  tough back half of the Louisiana Marathon Course.

8 Miles – out-and-back to Goodwood Park. Run the last 2 Miles at goal half marathon pace. We need to learn to stay strong in the later miles of a race.

10 Miles out-and-back using the 8 Mile loop but 10 Milers add a 2 mile Goodwood loop.Run the last 3 Miles at goal half marathon pace. We need to learn to stay strong in the later miles of a race.

15 Miles with last 3 Miles at goal marathon pace(or a little faster).

6:30 Start at City Park – With Branded Sale, muffins and coffee for after – thought the 15 Milers might want the option to start early from City Park and end at the store for start of 8 and 10 Mile. *But you can still tack it on to the end if early rising doesn’t appeal to you.

5 Mile Lake loop –


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