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Abby’s Moving to Houston “Mini-Stuff” Run

February 14th, 2021 in
February 18, 2021 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Curbside Burgers Outside Patio

I don’t know what the deal is with our weather for this week’s “going away” runs. I guess Mother Nature is sad about Kat and Abby moving, too.

Please don’t park where Curbside customers would typically park. Ingleside Methodist or across Government are good options. We’ll meet outside and hope the heaters will be effective on Thursday.

Abby Jablansky  requested a mix bag of her favorite things …which sound like “Stuff” to me.

Min-Stuff 4 Miles – come early if you want to get a few easy miles before.

It’s “mini-stuff” because it’s not a big workout just a bunch of little intervals thrown in. All of this is on the usual streets we usually use in this area.


Course –

Warm up down Glenmore, right on Hundred Oaks to start of Steele Hill 220.

Run 220 uphill.

Jog over to Hundred Oaks start. Run 880/Half Mile downhill on Chatfield(watch Richland cross street!!).

Follow that mile around to 220 uphill on Ramsey.

Back around to Glenmore to left on Hundred Oaks.

Run 440/1/4 on Steele from Hundred Oaks to cone about 10 yards from Broussard.

Run on in to Curbside.

**If it’s not too dang cold stick around for a beer outside with Abby. 


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