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Abita Hop 99 Beer Pre-Louisiana 5K/1/4/Half/Full Marathon Weekend Workout and Celebration

January 12th, 2020 in
January 16, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Town Square
Downtown BR

Come early to “Predict-Your-First Mile Pace “

2 Mile Warm Up to Louisiana Marathon Starting Line. Wait for everyone to get there. So some of you fast ones may want to easy jog around some blocks to stay loose.

Abita Hop 99 Predict-Your-First Mile Pace – this is both a pacing exercise and fun competition with a prize pack from Abita Brewery.

We will all start on the starting line. Mile 1 Mark is 14 feet east of South 12th street. Some one will be there calling times. The 1st mile doesn’t quite make it to the Overpass but I wanted to remind you to “manage the overpass”

Back to Town Square to discreetly celebrate with free Abita Hop 99 beer.

For Saturday and Sunday – MANAGE THE OVERPASS ON THE WAY OUT – no extra effort there, look to the top not down, shorten your steps for more ground contact, lean slightly into the hill from your ankles not your waist. Good breathing tip for hills is “yoga breaths” meaning breath deeply in with nose and mouth slowly and push it out. I find it both relaxes you while making sure to get the most air in.

Watch this – watch how many people charge up the hill in excitement and competition on for you to pass by the time you get to City Park.



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