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Boston Marathon in Baton Rouge preview

August 9th, 2020 in
August 15, 2020 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am
Starbucks across from Tiger Stadium

The Boston Marathon 2020 went virtual.. That means qualifiers can earn their Boston 2020 medals by running in their hometowns the first week in September.

We have fun plans to provide a race like atmosphere for our local qualifiers.

They will be running a 2 looper from BR Beach on Labor Day Monday. But for the rest of us..look for plans for a 4 x 6.5 mile relay on the course. Just for kicks. But we will have some silly prizes. Details coming soon.

Here is the September 7th Boston-in-Baton Rouge course. It may look kooky but we were prioritizing traffic and available open bathrooms along the course for the marathoners.

Several of the qualifiers are running 20 milers on Saturday so we thought we would be out there on the course to give them encouragement.

SO…the Saturday group run will pick up portions of the course starting at Starbucks LSU.

6 Miles – picks up part of the Boston in BR route but turns around at the water stop at the bottom of the golf course. LEAVE YOUR WATER/ELECTROLYTES THERE. It turns around and comes straight back down Dalrymple.


9 Miles – picks up part of the Boston in BR route but cuts off the loop North of Kleinert. But it loops around on itself to allow water stop at 4 and 7 Miles. LEAVE YOUR WATER AND ELECTROLYTE UNDER THE TREES AT THE DALRYMPLE SIDE OF THE BOTTOM OF THE GOLF COURSE.

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