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Carbon X 2 Demo Run

January 24th, 2021 in
January 28, 2021 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Come out and try the newest Carbon shoe from HOKA.

Bring phone to the HOKA table to scan the QR code to win a pair of Carbon X.

We’ll be taking pics so tag yours with  #VSHOKACHALLENGE for other chances to win Carbon X. Winners to be chosen by staff from HOKA and will be announced at the end of the Challenge.

Easy 3 Miles before the Demo. This is the 5K course we did at the Halloween Costume Run. It turns at David Butler’s house.

I’ll put lights on the course for the less familiar turns.

**We have shoe sanitizer and hand wipes to use between runners taking them out for a demo.

Grab a pair. Try a few loops around Rouzan circle. Turn them in for someone else to try.

6-8 x 220 pick up with 220 easy between each. It is essentially 12-16 loops of Rouzan Circle.

60 SECOND CHALLENGE for socks/small prizes from HOKA. Using your watch…try to run a 220 in exactly 60 seconds WITHOUT LOOKING. Most you know how to get interval times. Ask us how if you don’t know and want to participate.

**you are on your honor to report to Jenni or Jane  if you hit 60 seconds on the nose

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