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Hybrid Yasso 880 and Killer Quarters Workout

February 14th, 2021 in
February 20, 2021 @ 7:30 am – 8:30 am
French Truck Coffee
Government at Kenmore

Our endurance work is in the rear view mirror after a LONG, extended quarter/half/marathon training season.

The next few weeks are about staying strong and fit. It’s Sharpening then Tapering.

**Read Carefully and think it through. It will make sense since most of you have done both Yasso and Killer Quarters.


MARATHONERS – come a little early to get in 2-3 easy miles.

8 Miles – warm up 1 1/2 Miles –

YASSO 880 – 5 x 880 at Marathon Pace in minutes converted  from what your goal MARATHON pace would be in hours. EXAMPLE – If you want to run a 4:00 hour marathon – run a 4:00 minute 880.

Just like we traditionally do – jog back a quarter resting the same time as your ran the 880/Half Mile. Or as in the example – 4:00 minute rest for 4 hour marathoner.

KILLER QUARTERS – 5 x 440/Quarter Mile with a 1 minute rest after each.

This will start at the mark between Lake Erie and Morning Glory intersection and wind around May Street up the Dalrymple Hill. Quarter miles will be marked in Dots and Duct Tape,

Finish up with Cool Down back to French Truck.

You may want to put water/electrolyte there at the mark where we start the quarters….between Lake Erie and Morning Glory. There is a parking pad for one of the homes there that we could probably use without causing issues.



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