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Ice Cream Run and Lake Erie Workout from Gail’s Ice Cream

September 11th, 2022 in
September 12, 2022 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Gail's Ice Cream
3025 Perkins(parking under the interstate or behind Moreau PT)

1.5 Miles – take the Fiero Street route to Lake Erie. Do 1 x 220 picking up the pace on Lake Erie. Walk to the truck for Water. Easy walk/run back to Gail’s for a post run treat.

The rest of us will start the week with intervals of different lengths. We refer to this particular type of workout as a Ladder Workout.

3 Miles – warm up on the Fiero Street route to Lake Erie. Ladder Workout of 110 then finish the lake loop, 220 then finish the lake loop, 330 then finish the lake loop, 440 then finish the lake loop. You are only going UP the Ladder.

5 Miles – warm up down Hollydale to the Lakes and to Lake Erie start. Ladder workout of 110/220/330/440. Jog a lap and water. 440/330/220/110. Back to Gail’s for treats.

RUN NOTES:A Ladder Workout for runners is an interval workout where the interval distance starts out short and gets longer as you go “up the ladder,” then after the midway point, the ladder goes back down to short intervals 


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