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Killer Workout at Catholic High Track

January 24th, 2021 in
January 30, 2021 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am
Magpie Perkins(don’t use Magpie customer parking)

We got permission to use the Catholic High Track to do the workout this weekend

MARATHONERS –  you need to try to get in 15-18 miles including the quality of 20 x 1/4. It is a one mile warm up to CHS.

WORKOUT –  warm up  1 Mile to CHS Track.

20 x 1/4 mile with 1 minute rest in place or jog around. Stay in Lane 3,4,5. CHS doesn’t want excessive wear on the inside lanes. 

DO NOT BRING WATER BOTTLES OR ELECTROLYTES INSIDE THE TRACK FENCING. My truck will be at Catholic High if you want to put water/electrolytes on the tailgate. I will have some sample energy gels available for you to try.


VERY IMPORTANT – DO NOT use Magpie customer parking. We value our community partners and Magpie is one the best of them.

I thought or hoped we were being courteous but James and Lina sent me this gentle nudge:

”Hi Jenni, how you are doing well.  Yes, we would love to have you.  One thing, the last time customers asked me to ask you if y’all could leave the gravel parking on Cedardale (across from Magpie and along side Zippys) open.  So if y’all could park behind us in Parrains and in Zippy paved lot and leave Ceadardale parking for guest coming in and picking up from the cafe.  Will that be OK?”


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