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Last Long Run before Louisiana Marathon

February 7th, 2021 in
February 13, 2021 @ 7:30 am – 11:00 am
District Donuts Town Center

I know it’s been challenging for you all to keep up the distance training for another 6 weeks after the original marathon date in January. And most everyone went through a great Fall training cycle and was really ready to roll in January!!

So the trick was to maintain fitness and build just enough to get more fit BUT not risk overuse injuries. Based on recent workouts…those of you serious about racing in March 7th are looking really fit. Killer Workout was impressive.

This last long run is to remind your body what it’s like to stay moving that long. SO RUN IT SLOW.

I believe you all already have the endurance for a long race anyway!

**It is going to be really, really cold. So dress accordingly. You can always drop pieces of clothes and go back and pick them up.

20 Miles – it takes an “out-and-back” approach to first part of the run but I have kept the run on the Louisiana Marathon course. Marathoners – you are going to Love/Hate me for putting the Tara loop at the end. But you need to get yourself mentally accustomed to the segment of the race when you are tired. Remember the 20 Miler mark of the real race is Goodwood Library.

Half and Quarter Marathoners – pick a distance since it’s out-and back for the most part. I would recommend a minimum of 10 Miles for Half and 5 Miles for Quarter runners. RUN IT SLOW.

Good water stops for 10 Miles would be at the end of Steele at Claycut where you would turn around.

Marathoners – this is the perfect time to practice nutrition and hydration alternatives, You may want to put some at the Claycut/Steele with the others, City Park oak coming back at 9 miles, and maybe Goodwood Elementary at about 14.





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