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Marathon Weekend Celebration from City Park- 5, 13 or 20 Miles

January 10th, 2021 in
January 16, 2021 @ 7:30 am – 10:30 am
City Park Tennis Courts

The actual Louisiana Marathon Weekend is pushed back to March 7th. But we can celebrate by running the course and distance. Since we ran from downtown last Saturday, I wanted to change it up but still run the course.

Marathoners – I know from conversations that several of you have lost your steam for running the marathon. But if it’s still your goal – let’s go ahead and get some distance as planned for this weekend anyway. It can just be a steady run to cover the distance. You can run the 7 miles before we meet at 7:30 or add it on when we get back to City Park. It takes in the 2nd part of the course.

5 Miles – run the downtown loop and back to City Park. You get the double trouble Overpass workout in it.

13 Miles – this is basically Louisiana Half with the downtown loop first. But I have you hopping over to 3rd St. on the way back out of downtown.

20 Miles – run the first 13 and add on this segment before or after.


SUGGESTED WATER/ELECTROLYTE STOPS – City Park Oak tree after the downtown loop and BR Beach on the way back. I will leave a box of sample gels and blocks at City Park if you want to try some.


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