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Running, Rhythm and Booze with Fast, Hilly 220’s hosted by Amy, Chuck and Chris

February 10th, 2019 in
February 11, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Hall's House
1242 Louray Drive
Baton Rouge

Running Rhythm and Booze.  Running, music, and booze are a few of our host’s favorite things.  The theme is a mash up of these things. Greg, the Popsicle Man has some special Boozy Pops for the adults and Kiddy Pops for others.  Chris and Chuck are bringing music inspired beers. Chuck has a music playlist with run/running in the title.  Stick around for snacks, beers, water, Plus there will be special “Musical Beers’ game with prizes.

Enough of the fun. Now for the workout”

We continue to build on the strength and speed elements in training.

SHORTER WORKOUT – since our “beginners” group is primarily returning runners getting back into the groove – I want call the workout “Beginners” Talk to the Coaches for Modifications to the workout for shorter.

WORKOUT – warm up down Kenilworth going around Olympia Park clockwise until you reach the little lake in the middle.  3 x 220 fast with a 220(finish the lake) recovery.

Leave the park following the map to the entrance of Walden – 1 x 220 fast up the hill from a cone at the Walden sign to the cone over the crest of the hill. Keep on Walden Road bearing left at the Applewood intersection. Cross over the bridge to the cone next to the yellow street sign on the right – 1 X 220 fast up the hill to the cone at the Thoreau Drive sign. Turn around and head back down hill and go left on Applewood back toward Amy’s. Look for a cone halfway down the street and do a final 1 x 220 fast up the hill to cone at Rodney Drive.

Boozy Pop time!

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