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Variable Pace Workout with “Stuff” from French Truck Coffees and Mizuno Demo

September 19th, 2021 in
September 25, 2021 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am
French Truck Coffee
2978 Government

Come early and try out some of the newest shoes from Mizuno. First 20 people to demo a Mizuno gets a $5 French Truck Coffee card.

1 3/4 Shady Mile on Cherokee – try to pick up the pace coming back on Cherokee – just the length of that shady street.


5 or 10 Miles with Stuff:

**it’s complicated when we do Stuff. So study the maps and workout ahead of time.

Variable Pace Training has become affectionately known as Jenni’s “Stuff” over the years. It is a long workout with varying types of training thrown into one. There are numerous benefits to this approach.

It’s challenging but fun.

4 Miles Steady – easy/steady run out to Lake Erie Water/Electrolyte Stop and Back –

5 Miles with Stuff:

Easy/steady run out to Lake Erie  –

Run 1 x 1/4 pickup  on Lake Erie.

Water break.

Easy run to Hillsdale Triangle – run the hilly Half Mile picking up the pace. Marks or cones will be out.

Back to French Truck the same way we came.



10 Miles with Stuff:

Warm up to Lakeshore start:

Workout Part 1: 1 Mile at Half Marathon pace or below from out typical Lakeshore start to Lake Erie finish. Marks will be out.

Easy run to Hillsdale triangle.

Workout Part 2: (Heading uphill on Cottonwood toward Baywood) Run 1/2 Mile faster than Half Marathon pace.

Easy run back to Lake Erie.

Workout Part 3: 4 x 1/4 with a 1/4 recovery.

Easy run back to French Truck.


Water/Electrolytes at Lake Erie

Be respectful not to park in French Truck’s regular customer parking. Chase Bank across the street is pretty good if we get out of there early. Westmoreland and the CHS overflow lot up the street are good options.

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