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Warm Up to VS/Iron Tribe Form Clinic and Track Workout

April 28th, 2019 in
May 4, 2019 @ 7:30 am – 8:30 am
Catholic Life Center
Acadian at Hundred Oaks

Warm up to Catholic High Track.

Form Clinic and Workout is at Catholic High at 8:00.

Farm clinic and drills will be about 20 minutes.

Workout consists of track intervals to work on what you learned at the clinic

Posture- stand tall, eyes straight ahead, head up

Lean- forward from the ankles – not waist or shoulders

Foot strike – under center of your body and  slightly forward. Not too far out front. Use as much of your foot surface as you can. The faster paces will shift more mid/forefoot.

Hip Rotation and Hip Extension – getting hips engaged correctly and getting the most backward extension of the leg

Arm Carriage and Arm Swing – natural with more emphasis on back swing. Hands need to nearly brush hip on swing. Arm cadence cues leg/foot cadence

Cadence – 180 steps per minute. Helps improve speed and correct foot strike issues


So for the workout – 4 x 220 with 220 recovery. Work on form at faster speeds. High cadence and more mid/forefoot strike. Get up on your feet. Good hip extension. Drive with arms.

4 x 440 with 440 recovery after. More emphasis on race pace speeds/form. Improve cadence, good posture lean, hips rotation – engage the abs to really feel it. Use back swing of arms.

Participants can do as little or much as they want.

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