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Fat Tuesday Weight Challenge Tips – #AskAmany

February 15th, 2016 in Training


ask_amany_logoDuring our Fat Tuesday Weight Challenge, we thought it would be helpful to get you in touch with someone who really knows her stuff and can help guide you, encourage you and answer any questions that you might have during these next two months in regards to goal setting, nutrition, weight loss, activity, lifestyle changes and more! We would like to introduce you to Amany Ishaq in a new piece that we will feature several times over the next few weeks.

Hey Varsity Sports challengers! I’m Amany Ishaq

I am registered dietitian/nutritionist from the New Orleans area.

A little about me: I grew up in New Orleans, got my BS in Nutritional Sciences from LSU (geaux tigers!), and went on to get my MS in health and human performance from McNeese. I also completed an accredited internship there, which prepared me for my national exam to become a registered dietitian. I’m a lover of all running events, especially the half marathon and full marathon distances. I recently ran the Louisiana Marathon and am currently training for Boston! Enough about me. I’m here for you! I’m here to answer your nutrition related questions and help you on your journey.

Since this is the first post, I thought I’d give yall some quick tips on goal setting. I think goal setting is a big and important part of moving into a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few simple rules to get you started:

1: Write your goals down. Putting them on paper makes them real.

2: Post your goals somewhere that you’ll see them multiple times a day. Make several copies and post them everywhere: the fridge, your desk, your snack drawer, the bathroom mirror, etc. Seeing them multiple times a day keeps you from putting them on the backburner and helps keep you motivated.

3: Make sure your goals are S (Specific) M (Measurable) A (Attainable) R (Realistic) T (Time specific).  Keep SMART in mind when writing goals to guarantee future successes. For example:

Not so SMART: I will lose weight during the challenge. // SMART: I will lose 1 pound a week in the next 2 months.

Not so SMART: I will eat more vegetables when the challenge starts. // SMART: I will eat (at least) 1 vegetable at 2 meals, daily.

Not so SMART: I will run and exercise more during the challenge. // SMART: I will run 3x a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) and strength or cross train 2x a week (Monday, Wednesday).

4: Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Being excited about the challenge and your goals is what will motivate you to work towards them and smash them throughout the challenge!

I’m so excited to being a part of this challenge. Now it’s your turn to ask questions. I mean, this section is called “Ask Amany” after all!


If you have a question, feel free to post it on social media (facebook, twitter or instagram) using the hashtag #AskAmany or email

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