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Halfway point in challenge, #AskAmany says to eat your veggies!

March 9th, 2016 in Training


Happy Halfway Point, challengers!

Since we are halfway through the challenge, I think this is a good time to go back to those SMART goals and evaluate them. What’s working, what’s not, and what changes can be made? It’s absolutely OK to revise some of those goals moving forward. I also encourage you to focus on the good things that are happening: you’re exercising regularly and being (more) mindful about what you’re eating!

I thought I’d make this post short and sweet and about my favorite foods: veggies! I love them for many reasons: they’re versatile, high in nutrients, low in calories, and with it being spring in Louisiana, we have many seasonal veggies to choose from. Currently, you’ll find these in season: sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens (think mustard, turnip, chard, and spinach), radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and beets (thank you to the wonderful Ms. Judy Myhand for helping me with this list). There are plenty of quick and easy ways to prepare veggies to add them to your meals. If you don’t like a particular veggie, I always suggest to try it a different way. Sometimes cooking it differently or not cooking it completely changes the flavor and/or texture.

1: Eat them raw. Pack them to-go to add some extra bulk to your meal or to have in between meals as part of a snack.

2: Steam or boil them and add some spices such as smoked paprika, garlic powder, dried Italian seasoning, cumin or even a quick squeeze of lemon juice. Don’t be afraid to try new and different spices!

3: Roast them. This is my personal favorite way to cook them because you can mass roast a bunch of veggies together. Chop them up, add a teaspoon or 2 of olive oil, and add whatever dried herbs and spices you like. Try roasting things that you may have never thought of roasting before, such as spinach. Sounds weird but roasted spinach is delicious! If you mass roast veggies together, you then have some already cooked and ready to go for future meals in the week.

4: With it being warmer outside, add them on the grill when you’re out there BBQing. Simply grilling vegetables adds great flavor without having to add anything to them.

5: Stovetop sauté. Sauté veggies in a pan with a little bit of olive oil or nonstick spray. Sautee them with onions and garlic to add natural flavors to the veggies; add fresh herbs at the end to liven them up!

Got any other ways you like to prepare veggies? Please share them with me- I’m always looking for suggestions!

Once again, congrats on making it to the halfway point!


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