Baton Rouge Mandeville New Orleans

Brett Olivier

Which VS do you work in?


How long have you worked at Varsity Sports / running stores / retail experience and where?

I’ve worked at Varsity Sports Mandeville since Summer of 2017.

Favorite running/walking shoe of all times? Why?

I love the New Balance Vongo! Every update has been better than the last, and I look forward to running especially when that’s my shoe for the day.

Best song to run/workout to?

If I had to pick my favorite pump-up song, it would be Propane Nightmares by Pendulum. Other than that, I love to find new music by listening to full albums straight through.

Pre-race food of choice?

Wake up extra early to cook eggs and toast!

Favorite running/walking routes in Louisiana? Outside of Louisiana?

I think it’s easy for us Northshore runners to forget how lucky we are to have the St. Tammany Trace. I especially love the section between Coffee St. and Florida St. where the trees hang over close. It makes me forget where I am for a minute.

Favorite race / location / or to place to travel to?

I’m not much for travel, but the two weeks I spent in Brevard, North Carolina were the best weeks of running I’ve ever had.

What athletic / running gear (other than shoes) could you not live without?

A cheap pair of headphones will do.

Athletic accomplishments you are most proud of?

My 1500m, 5k, and 8k PRs all surpass my ability as a runner and I love to brag about them.

Favorite core exercise?

Saturday hamburgers.

Guilty pleasure?

2000’s and 2010’s pop music. We can all use more Lorde in our playlists.

Favorite color Varsity Sports shirt?

The orange singlet for the 2019 CCC!

Random something few people (or no one) knows about you?  

At 6’3″, I’m the short sibling in the family.