Baton Rouge Mandeville New Orleans

Bud Weiss


What retail and running experience do you have?
Legends Sports World, Manager 2003-2005. Shoe Fit Expert since 2003

How long have you been with Varsity and at what stores?
October ’08 to present, Mandeville, Baton Rouge & New Orleans. Managing Partner at VSM

Favorite running routes in Louisiana?
15th Ave. & St. Joseph Abbey trails in Covington.

What involvement have you had with Louisiana over the years?

Co-founder of 15th St. Fliers with my wife Diane and good friend, Paul Bodet.

Assistant Coach of St. Paul’s Cross Country Team for 6 years.

Pre-race food of choice?

Raisin wheat bagel with any nut butter & local honey.

Random something no one knows about you?
In early August of ’05 while participating in the River Cities Triathlon in Shreveport, there was a minor bike accident during transition. Somehow I ended up losing a toe while my son Trey watched as a spectator. The race volunteer that picked up the toe, had Trey hold it unknowingly wrapped up in a towel while we waited for emergency personnel.