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Ginger Spansel

Which VS do you work in?


How long have you worked at Varsity Sports / running stores / retail experience and where? 

Since the first of the year with Varsity Sports and about 6 years in run specialty! Before that Sportspectrum in Shreveport, and Wagner’s RunWalk in Tuscaloosa! 

Favorite running/walking shoe of all times? Why?

The Hoka Bondi! After micro fracture surgery on both knees it lets me run without any pain! 

Best song to run/workout to?

Ha! I listen mostly to audio books when I run! Right now Harry Potter! Or swimming podcasts!

Pre-race food of choice?

Morning of.. fat free fig newtons! 

What athletic / running gear (other than shoes) could you not live without?

A visor, sunglasses (to hide the pain on my face), and tall socks! 

But I also couldn’t live without goggles, and a swim cap! 

Athletic accomplishments you are most proud of?

Racing on Team USA at short course Worlds in Canada a few years ago, and placing 3rd AG at Ironman Florida for my triathlon retirement race last November! 

Favorite core exercise?

Does swimming count?

Guilty pleasure?

Anything chocolate!

Favorite color Varsity Sports shirt?

Grey and White (Nicole will kill me!)

Random something few people (or no one) knows about you?

I greet all animals that I see!  WAG MORE …. bark less