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Jane Swift

 What job did you get after getting your degree in Advertising from LSU?

I continued in my college job of designing and printing tee shirts. Dean Landry and Barry Braud started Dream Silk Screens back in 1984 and I worked for them. I eventually bought the business and partnered with Jenni Peters to move it to 2055 Perkins Road. That building is now Varsity Sports. But Dream Silk Screens continues to grow after all these years.

Where does Varsity Sports fit in to your career?

Been at Varsity since day 1 as one of the partner/owners.  I am involved with all stores handling financial matters.

What is your favorite running shoe of all time?

Mizuno Mercury

What and where was your best marathon?

3:46 at Houston Marathon after 2-3 miserable minutes on a curb changing shoes with Jenni and eating a Power Bar. The miles in the last 10K was the best mile splits of the whole race, though.

What is a random piece of information that few people know about you?

My nickname is Bootsie, given to me by my oldest sister when I was little because I had a pair of boots that I never wanted to take off.