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Lizette Nesom


How did you end up working at Varsity Sports with a creative and arts background and degree?
I was a long-time regular with the VS Running Group. I started by dividing my time between Dream Silk Screens and Varsity BR. But the need became greater at the store and I have been there for 2.5 years. I specialize in some of the women-specific products.

Favorite running routes in Louisiana?
Fat Boy route through the few hills there are in Baton Rouge.

Favorite local race?
Fat Boy, the Moon Pies and Chocolate milk 1st. Secondly, it always lets you know how strong you really are, and the potential you have.

Favorite running shoe of all times? Why?
The Mizuno Precision. It fits like a slipper and feels like a race flat. It is perfect for short and long distance! It makes me Happy!

Random something no one knows about you?
I’m shy; I force myself to meet new people!