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Susan Hayden

Which Varsity Sports location do you work in?

Baton Rouge

How long have you worked at Varsity Sports / running stores / retail experience and where?

Almost 2 years, including Perkins Rowe time.

Favorite running/walking shoe of all times? Why?

Newton Distance, it seems to fit my foot and running style. I’m trying to find a new one though and there are several promising candidates.

Best song to run/workout to?

All Fired Up – Pat Benatar

Pre-race food of choice?

Tiny powdered donuts – carbs, sugar,  compact size, easy to choke down on race morning.

Favorite running/walking routes in Louisiana? Outside of Louisiana?

The BR Lakes and nearby routes.

Favorite race / location / or to place to travel to?

Favorite race: Ironman Whistler 70.3/140.6 and Favorite place: cycling camp in France.

What athletic / running gear (other than shoes) could you not live without?

A good pair of sunglasses and compression shorts to run in (current is Brooks).

Athletic accomplishments you are most proud of?

I have been predominately a long course triathlete with a smattering of mountain bike and Xterra races thrown in. I’m most proud of the races that went totally sideways but I manage to still get to the finish. Over a race career as long as mine, there have been a few of those!

Favorite core exercise?

Swimming is my favorite core work.

Guilty pleasure?

Baking yummy stuff.

Favorite color Varsity Sports shirt?

My black lightweight hoodie. Its perfect for our in-between winter/spring weather.

Random something few people (or no one) knows about you?

I am and adult onset runner, picking it up at age 36 and came to Multisport from English horseback riding.