Baton Rouge Mandeville New Orleans

Susan Rolston


How did you get started at Varsity Sports?

One of my good friends, Lisa Mc Duff and I were regular customers of the BR store because I had family there. When we found out that Varsity Sports was coming to Mandeville, we showed up on the fronts steps and said “We want to work here”.

I have worked at VSM since before its opening (somebody had to do the flower beds!).

My husband and I are partner/investors in VSNO.

Favorite running routes in Louisiana?
Run daily in my neighborhood in Beau Chene–8 mile route –same way every day–creature of habit!

Favorite running shoe and why?
Love the Ghost when I’m healthjy and the Wave Creation if I think something is about to blow out

Pre-race food of choice?
Poached egg on a whole wheat English muffin is my favorite pre-anything food.

Random something no one knows about you?
Won a talent show in my younger years doing stand up comedy–very random fact!